Leadership Services
Through a mix of training, keynote and consulting services, CHL develops Hispanic thought leaders and real innovators who can lead your business.
Through CHL's Hispanic Leadership Certification Program, Hispanic executives and rising star talent find their authentic voice and are empowered to help their organizations innovate and grow. The program builds thought leaders and innovators to lead your business and to serve as roles models and mentors for their peers and future generations.
The program is also designed to help Hispanic professionals expand their influence by empowering them with tools to lead the entire workforce and to serve multiple consumer demographics to help the organization they serve cultivate business growth.
Featured leadership courses can earn credit in the Hispanic Leadership Certification Program, for both individuals and for corporations via employee resource groups, including:
Discover Your Hispanic Leadership Impact and Influence
Latina Advancement: Redefining Success and Achieving our Cultural Promise
Communicating Your Hispanic Talent: Deliver the Power of Your Hispanic Brand
Other CHL Training courses include:
Define the Roadmap for Your Hispanic Leadership Legacy
The Hispanic Professional Advantage: Making Opportunity Matter
Trust Your Brand: Manage Your Brand or Someone Else Will
CHL thought leaders can appear at company and industry events anywhere in the world to speak on a range of topics as they relate to Hispanics and your business, including:
Hispanic leadership
Career management
Latina advancement
Effective communications
Personal employee branding
Business development
Personal Branding / Thought Leadership:
We work with Hispanic professionals to build their personal brand that is authentic in its communication, approach and style; in the process, roles are defined more clearly as are ways to add value to the business.
Taking it a step further, we help produce Hispanic thought leaders who can represent themselves as powerful and influential personal brands through articles, blogs, videoblogs, e-books, white papers and case studies. This can also lead to potential inclusion in CHL's – Hispanic Leadership Academy.
We can also work with the organization to develop a strategy for recruiting and retaining Hispanic talent, and to help them live the principals of diversity in more meaningful and purposeful ways.
Employee Resource Groups:
Enable Your Hispanic ERG into a powerful Advancement Platform that becomes a legitimate resource for business innovation and growth by activating its members' voice and authentic talent & identity. Learn More
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" I have a renewed awakening, vision and heightened awareness of my unspoken – until now, Latino inherited work capabilities. Your unique training has enhanced my performance like no other."
--Herman Rodriquez: Director, Business Development, Aetna
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