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Hispanic professionals are only delivering 40% of their full potential at work as most are battling the gulf between assimilation and authenticity. CHL Academy Certification is an in-culture talent development program designed for the ongoing advancement of Hispanic professionals. The program is the first of its kind in the United States that certifies individuals based on the completion of our designated 4-6-4 course curriculum framework. Through certification, we seek to put talented Hispanic leaders and high-potential employees on the fast track by helping them tap into their innate skills, influenced by their cultural values, and leverage them as a powerful source of strength – to propel growth and innovation to seize opportunity in the new workplace and marketplace. Our proven curriculum that has certified thousands of participants across hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies.

Why It’s Time to Invest in Yourself

As Hispanics professionals, many of us are creating barriers to our own advancement, instead of leveraging the natural ways we think, act and are motivated to perform and sustain momentum. Until we do, we’ll never discover our true leadership impact and influence and reach our full potential.

4: His four steps for seeing, sowing, growing and sharing opportunities will enable you to achieve Opportunity Mastery and accelerate your career success and significance. Opportunity is the true mother of success, and knowing how to see and seize the right opportunities builds momentum quicker than any other force.

6: His six characteristics of the 21st century leader will give individuals and the organizations they serve the foundation they need to grow and reinvent themselves – through transformation and change management, authenticity and agility, corporate social responsibility and sustainability, innovation and creativity.

4: His four steps for defining your personal brand as a leader will show you how to reclaim your identity, strengthen your executive presence, and maximize your performance – and that of others. By living your personal brand in everything you do and how you do it, you will begin to experience success through a lens of real significance.

Three-Step Certification Process

Hispanic professionals who register for the online virtual training experience at the CHL Academy – can receive Level 1 Certification from CHL when they successfully complete the courses in this three-step process for developing your leadership and advancing your career.

Join Glenn Llopis (pronounced ‘yō-pēs), CHL Academy founder, bestselling author, and former C-suite executive – who was recognized in 2014 as a top 20 influential writer at Forbes and a top 100 leadership speaker and business thinker by Inc. Magazine – as he takes you through an interactive virtual training experience based on his proven three-step process for gaining and sustaining competitive advantage – built around the following “4-6-4” framework for leadership and career success.

STEP 1: Master the four skills to becoming an Opportunity Expert:

Those who master these four skills tap into a power few ever reach: Opportunity Mastery

Seeing with Circular Vision

Search beyond the obvious to diversify opportunities and avoid being blindsided

Sowing Entrepreneurial Seeds

Plant seeds of opportunity in everyday activities

Growing Seeds of Greatest Potential

Recognize the most promising opportunities and give them full attention

Sharing the Harvest

Focus on meeting others’ needs to multiply your momentum

See Opportunity In Everything

A 21st century leader sees opportunities everywhere, every day, and makes the most of those that cross their path. Many times they are opportunities that others don’t see.

Anticipate the Unexpected

Because 21st century leaders can see opportunity in everything, it gives them wide-angle / circular vision to anticipate crisis and manage change before circumstances force their hand.

Unleash Your Passionate Pursuits

A 21st century leader puts their passion into everything they do, giving them the power to become a potent pioneer. Unleash your passionate pursuit of excellence to explore endless possibilities.

Live with an Entrepreneurial Spirit

The ability to see and seize opportunities to build relationships, advance commerce and better humanity is an inborn survival mechanism of the 21st century leader. Innovation becomes second nature.

Work With a Generous Purpose

A 21st century leader must understand the importance of having everyone’s best interests at heart. Work with a generous purpose and help fuel momentum for yourself and others.

Embrace Your Cultural Promise

Success comes most to those who are surrounded by people who want their success to continue. 21st century leaders understand the importance of reciprocity and how legacies are born.

Enduring Idea?

What is unique about the way you think?

Primary Differentiator?

What gives you distinction as a leader?

Primary Experience?

What impact do others expect from your presence?

What/Whom Do You Serve?

What type of solutions do you consistently deliver?

Bonus Content: Career Advancement Tools

Advance your career through a path of success and significance

Stand Out from the Crowd

Hard work alone no longer gets you noticed. You must trust yourself, be yourself, and speak up for yourself with a powerful presence to set you apart and ahead of the crowd.

Networking Success Factors

Learn how to invest in more focused and influential networks of people that can add value to your career and avoid those who will merely be a drain on your time and best efforts.

Mastering Mentorship

Finding mentors and role models can take you and your career to new levels at an accelerated pace. Get practical tips for making the mentor relationship work to your best advantage.


For companies that are interested in corporate engagement plans to support enterprise-wide training for several employees, we offer special volume-based pricing. The corporate plan also comes with extended reporting and advanced reporting features for your talent management team, department leaders and/or managers so that they can monitor training participants, hold them accountable for completing the courses and measure content engagement and retention.

Fees vary depending on the number of participants you wish to enroll. Please contact Annette Prieto at or via phone at 949-713-9144.




An amazing and transformational leadership learning experience.
Tatiana Rocha, District Team Leader - Target Corporation
Your unique training has enhanced my performance like no other.
Herman Rodriguez, Regional Director of Sales at Anthem Inc.
One word comes to mind when describing my experience – Transformational.
Claudia Lara, Discover Financial Services
Truly an invaluable experience!
Mario Marin, WW Grainger, Inc
Absolutely outstanding!
Luis Castro, District Manager, H&R Block
Genuine, infectious and disarmingly engaging!
Anthony L. Almada, Founder, EAS Nutrition

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RENEWS AT $399.00